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Backbone.Js App Development

Backbone.Js App Development

Backbone JavaScript framework has been loved by developers as it gives structure to web applications by providing necessary tools. Backbone.js is becoming a hot favorite amongst developers for creating web and mobile applications.

At CodeXina, we have expert developers who are skilled at developing innovative mobile and applications using Backbone.js framework.

Backbone.Js App Development

Why Backbone.js?

It is different, creative and best of all

Backbone.Js App Development Company


Allows developers to develop one-page applications and front-end better and easily using JavaScript functions.

Backbone.Js App Development Services


Offers various types of building blocks like models, views, events, routers and collections to assemble client-side web applications.

Backbone.Js App


Backbone.js automatically updates the HTML of application whenever the model is altered.



Offers a simple and convenient library to separate business and user interface logic.

Backbone.Js App Services

Open Source

Free and open source library that contains over 100 available extensions that can be used.

Backbone.Js App Convenient


Makes coding simple, systematic and organized. Like the name suggests, it acts like a backbone for your project.


Easy Management

Manages the data model which includes the user data and display at the server side with the same format written at client side.



Soft dependency with jQuery and hard dependency with Underscore.js.

Backbone.js Development Company

CodeXina is proud to be one of the top Indian companies serving customers all across the world with outstanding Backbone.js app development services.

Open Source

Mobile Development

We develop web applications as well as mobile apps with Backbone.js


Backbone.js Design

Build creative Backbone.js prototype design for your applications.

Easy Management


We provide all round consulting services on Backbone.js by experts.


Game Development

Get creative gaming development services from professionals.

Backbone.Js Mobile Development


Maintenance services for apps built by us to ensure a smooth-running product over time.

Backbone.js Design


Hire Backbone.js developers on hourly, weekly and monthly basis for your projects

Benefits of Backbone.js App Development

Backbone.js is a framework that has opened up many possibilities for developers of the current age. Backbone.js makes data management, manipulation, deletion and saving easy and convenient in the server.

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Easy Synchronization

Models in Backbone.js can be tied to a back-end backbone irrespective of the back-end language or front-end template system one might be using. It provides great support for APIs and backend systems.

Backbone.Js  App Game Development

Event Driven Communication

Backbone.js eases the process of creating web applications and user interfaces by providing an event-driven communication between views and models. The backbone.js events build on top of regular DOM events, which make the mechanism very versatile and extensible.

Backbone.Js  App For Maintenance

Utility Library

Backbone.js is essentially loved for the small and convenient library it gives you for the amount of functionality and structure it offers.

Industries We Serve

Unlike most other service providers, our industry experience and expertise aren’t limited to one. Starting from transportation and travel, healthcare, entertainment and media to banking and dating, and a variety of e-commerce and learning platforms.

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