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CRM Development

In the current time of competition, managing interaction with your customers is primary. To build a strong Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is extremely important for maintaining a healthy interaction with your customers.

At CodeXina Technologies, we create exceptional CRM systems to ensure that your customers are served with competent and problem-solving technology.

CRM Development Company

Why CRM?

State of the art services for your clients



Gathering data and developing reports based on data collected through customer interactions, surfing habits and more.

CRM Tracking


Keeping a track and monitoring the interactions you have with your customers to better improve your services.



Maintain a healthy, accessible and easy-to-switch relationship with your customers providing better sales results.



Keeping all your sales data in one place and in an arranged manner that all users can access and search through easily.

CRM Mobile Version

Mobile Version

Be ready to serve your customers instantly and in real time with mobile version that gives you the opportunity to better manage your relationship with clients.

CRM for Social Media

Social Media

ntegration to social media platforms for better reach and improved customer interaction.

CRM Reporting


Custom reporting services to create modified reports based on factors like demographics, lead types, sales profits and so on.

CRM Help Desk

Help Desk

Manage customer relations with FAQs, mail and live chatting systems through customer service reps.

CRM Development Company

CodeXina Technologies stands amongst the leading Indian companies offering customers excellent CRM system development services.

Custom CRM Development


Custom CRM system development enhanced with functionality like no other.

CRM Integration


Complete integration services with social media and other third-party systems.

CRM Consultancy


Detailed consulting sessions with experts to discuss your needs and a best suited product.

CRM Data Migration

Data Migration

Seamless data extraction and migration services while removing outdated parameters.

CRM Implementation


Implementing the technology into your system so that it runs smoothly.

CRM Support


Support and maintenance services for systems built by us overtime.

Benefits of CRM App Development

CRM is more than just a customer relationship management system. It is a necessity for businesses today for the myriad benefits it offers. With CRM, you can organize your sales, manage marketing and customer service while providing top notch technical support to your audience.

CRM Lead Management

Lead Management

Your customers' details, preferences and browsing patterns are recorded for future purposes. This helps manage your customers' habits so you can offer them exactly what they're looking for.

 Secure CRM Development


A centralized CRM system gives you the assurance of data security since only authorized personnel can see, edit and manage the data related to your customers.

Improved Documentation

Improved Documentation

All the information and data related to your customers are documented and recorded in a systematic easy-to-manage manner.

Industries We Serve

Unlike most other service providers, our industry experience and expertise aren’t limited to one. Starting from transportation and travel, healthcare, entertainment and media to banking and dating, and a variety of e-commerce and learning platforms.

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