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ERP Development

ERP Development

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a need today for organizations to better manage your resources. With ERP system you can ensure that your personnel is circulating the same data and observing the same performance indicators.

You can now easily manage your business with Codexina India. With well-versed developers, we can bring all your business operations into one simple customized ERP solution.

ERP Software Development Services

Why ERP?

Complete Enterprise Resource Planning Services

ERP Software Efficient


Reduce the requirement to manually enter information making it easier to collect data while streamlining business processes .

ERP Software Secure


A secure system means better accuracy, consistency and data protection you can improve access permissions to restricted data.

ERP Software Support


Offer your customers a high-quality customer service while improving relationships with them.

ERP Software Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

Enhanced reporting system easing the process of responding to intricate data requests

ERP Software Integrated


Consistent and up-to-date data with all the information you need accumulated in a single location.

ERP Software Money Saver

Money Saver

Reduced operating costs with lower inventory control costs, lower production costs and lower marketing costs.

ERP Software Process Automation

Process Automation

Increases your company's efficiency by reducing manual operations and easily collecting data.

ERP Software Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

ERP software helps you comply with regulations better with a compliance system built in .

ERP Development Company

Codexina India is now one of the most successful Indian companies providing clients with outstanding ERP development services..

Sales Management ERP Software

Sales Management

Manage your sales with ease by implementing smart ERP systems developed by our veteran developers.

Supply Chain Management ERP Software

Supply Chain Management

Manage the supply chain for your business by streamlining technological assistances from error free ERP applications.

Customer Relation Management ERP Software

Customer Relation Management

Develop seamless ERP platforms that give your customers exceptional user experience.

Finance Management ERP Software

Finance Management

Complete finance management solutions to better plan business objectives and launch new services.

Service Management ERP Software

Service Management

Track and manage performance of your organization efficiently with our customized ERP solutions.

Project Management ERP Software

Project Management

Build ERP system with advanced techniques integrated to allow ideal project management solutions for businesses.

Key Modules of ERP Software

ERP is a need today for businesses to manage their manufacturing, supply-chain and distribution functions while also supporting their field services and various sales-operations. The ERP application development is extremely useful when all its modules are integrated with other systems of software. There are some key modules of an ERP system that every business needs to follow.

Finance ERP Software Development


Collect all financial data and develop exclusive reports that include ledgers, trial balance data, balance sheets and financial statements.

HR Management ERP Software Development

HR Management

Accumulate data to generate reports inclusive of employees recruitment information, performance reviews, training, professional development and more.

Supply Chain ERP Software Development

Supply Chain

Generate reports regarding material and finances while maintaining a smooth and uninterrupted flow through various mediums and steps.

Industries We Serve

Unlike most other service providers, our industry experience and expertise aren’t limited to one. Starting from transportation and travel, healthcare, entertainment and media to banking and dating, and a variety of e-commerce and learning platforms.

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