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Mean Stack Development

Mean Stack

Mean Stack application development is earning immense popularity recently due to the ease it offers in development and flexibility. A combination of MongoDB, Express Js, Angular Js and Node Js, Mean Stack is the answer to all development queries nowadays.

At Codexina India, we have Mean Stack developers that boast of high expertise and experience in building a wide range of applications.

Mean Stack Development

Why Mean Stack?

Modernize your business with Mean Stack development solutions

Mean Stack Security


Node JS and MongoDB stack to handle security issues at times of immense traffic.

Mean Stack Open Source

Open Source

Free and easily available, Mean Stack is an open-source software stack for creating dynamic web sites and applications.

Mean Stack Cloud


Save time and reduce costs by managing MongoDB deployments with Cloud solutions.

Mean Stack Sharing


Sharing codes is now extremely easy and convenient with Node.js package manager, Npm

Mean Stack Performance


The event-driven architecture of Node offers better and optimum Performance.

Mean Stack Flexibility


Mean Stack allows you to create and move codes, this flexibility makes development easier.

Single Page Applications

Single Page Applications

Mean Stack makes single page web applications easier to build, test, and maintain.

JavaScript Web


Allows JavaScript to be used on both the backend as well as the frontend.

Mean Stack Development Company

Hire Mean Stack developers from one of the top Indian companies development services because we deliver you with the best.

Mean Stack User Experience

User Experience

Great user experience to keep your users thoroughly engaged with optimum performance.

Responsive UI Design

Responsive UI

Highly responsive web applications that can adapt conveniently to screens of different sizes.

Mean Stack Scalability


Capable of growing and expanding with increasing workload as needed.

Fast Development

Fast Development

Mean Stack makes development faster, simple and efficient for today's time.

One Language

One Language

Use of JavaScript as the one common coding language for development from front to back end.

Budget-Friendly Mean Stack Development


Get advanced applications loaded with features at a lesser development cost.

Mean Stack Development Solutions

Looking for a team that can turn idea into a digital product? We offer web, mobile and desktop application development services customized to your needs. Take services of our highly experienced developers who will build you the product you need.



MongoDB is a NoSQL database that will hold all of application's data. It allows developers to quickly change the structure of the data being persisted.



Express Js is use to create web applications easily. It provides a slightly simpler interface for creating request endpoints, handling cookies, forming the response and handling routes.

Angular JS

Angular JS

AngularJS, a client-side framework. MongoDB stores data in a JSON-like format and AngularJS allows the client to seamlessly send and receive JSON documents.

Node JS

Node JS

Node.js and Express is used to create a RESTful API server. To connect MongoDB and the app server the Node.js driver is been used.

Industries We Serve

Unlike most other service providers, our industry experience and expertise aren’t limited to one. Starting from transportation and travel, healthcare, entertainment and media to banking and dating, and a variety of e-commerce and learning platforms.

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