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Taxi App Development

Taxi App Development For Your Business

Developing an on-demand taxi app not a much difficult task nowadays. But there are some must-have and unique features like easy signup through social media, live tracking of the ride, contacting driver, feedback about drivers and many others that will keep you one step ahead in the competition.

These features make the app more flexible and easily understandable not only for the user but also for the driver. Read our blog until the end to understand the unique features and functionalities of the on-demand taxi app in detail.

taxi app development solutions

Taxi App Development Solutions

taxi app development global start ups

Global Startups

Launch Your Own Branded Taxi Booking App like Uber - We provide a sharp and smart on-demand technology to build a taxi/cab booking startup and aggregator platform.

taxi and agile business

Taxi and Agile Business

Connect Your Startup To Online Users and Grow Your Business - Track your riders in real time, manage operations and provide flexible and seamless ride booking experience to customers.

taxi app enterprises and governments

Enterprises and Governments

Shorten Employee Rides and Travel Management - We provide a pre-built white label taxi app solution to deploy for MNC's and governments to fulfill employee and citizen transportation needs.

Taxi App Development Features

taxi app user profile

User Profile

Dedicated section for user to edit or add personal details.

taxi app mobile number verification

Mobile Number Verification

OTP authentication for verifying registered mobile number.

taxi app instant ride

Instant Ride

Booking cab for instant ride just with few taps

taxi app scheduling ride

Scheduling Ride

Booking or scheduling ride for future date and time.

taxi app real time ETA

Real Time ETA

Live tracking of cab or driver with real time ETA for better experience.

taxi app fare estimation

Fare Estimation

Total fare estimation based upon provided pickup and drop location.

taxi app payment methods

Various Payment Methods

Multiple secured in-app payment options for better user experience.

taxi app notification alerts

Notification Alerts

Updating users time-to-time with latest updates and discounts through push notification, SMS & email.

taxi app emergency button

Emergency Button

In-app feature for passengers to alert company in case of emergency situation.

taxi app promotion and referral

Promotion & Referral

Users can earn promotion or discount by referral of app to other people.

taxi app cancelling ride

Cancelling Ride

Hassle free ride cancellation with applicable policy based chargers on ride.

taxi app contact driver

Contact Driver

Passengers can contact driver to update them about the pickup.

taxi app rating ride

Rating Ride

Post-trip option for passenger to rate and review their trip experience.

taxi app trip history

Trip History

Dedicated feature for user to view their past trips.

taxi app help and support

Help & Support

In app option for users for help, queries and complaint for user flexibility.

taxi app easy registration

Easy Registration

Quick registration process for drivers to provide all necessary details for creating account.

taxi app real time requests

Real Time Requests

Updating drivers with new trip request with complete details about ride.

taxi app accepts and reject


Driver can easily accept or reject the trip requesting according to their comfort.

taxi app contact passenger

Contact Passenger

Drivers can easily contact passenger for further update about trip.

taxi app navigation


In-app navigation with google map for better route and ETA.

taxi app track earnings

Track Earnings

Drivers can easily keep record of total journey history with daily earnings.

taxi app availability button

Availability Button

Drivers can easily mark them offline or online to the company.

taxi app driver dashboard

Driver Dashboard

Drivers can check insight about their trips, performance and feedback.

taxi app rating customer

Rating Customer

Drivers can also rate the customer and flag their behavior.

taxi app secure login

Secure Login

Admin can easily login from any modern browser with authenticated process.

taxi app admin dashboard

Admin Dashboard

Admin can easily view stats about performance and operation of driver & passenger.

taxi app manages drivers

Manage Drivers

Managing or reviewing new driver request and setting commission rates for them.

taxi app track driver

Track Driver

Tracking current location of drivers with their real-time fleet availability.

taxi app manages customers

Manage Customers

Managing and viewing details of all the registered users.

taxi app manages vehicles

Manage Vehicles

Admin can manage all registered vehicles and add new vehicles also.

taxi app manages dispatchers

Manage Dispatchers

Adding or managing dispatchers to handle passenger booking requests.

taxi app manages tariffs

Manage tariffs

Setting up base fare according to distance and also waiting and cancellation charges.

taxi app manages refunds

Manage Refunds

Easy refund of money to passengers and maintain their loyalty & trust.

taxi app SMS alert setting

SMS Alert Setting

Enable/disable notification alert for specific trips for drivers and passengers.

taxi app country/ currency setting

Country/Currency Setting

Setting up country and its currency from admin panel.

taxi app number masking

Number Masking

Keeping passengers contact number hidden from driver for their privacy.

taxi app split fare

Split Fare

Passengers can easily share the ride fare with friends and family for shared trips..

taxi app ride passes

Ride Passes

Issuing ride pass to passengers for discount rates and offers on rides..

taxi app in-app chat

In-App Chat

Passengers and drivers can chat with each other with this built-in function.

taxi app VoIP call

VoIP call

Allowing passengers and drivers to place a call through data or internet.

taxi app picks up suggestion

Pickup Suggestion

Providing better pickup suggestion and faster pickup points to passengers near them.

taxi app flat pricing

Flat Pricing

Setting up flat or fixed price for popular routes like airport and station pickup & drop.

taxi app web app

Web App

Allowing passengers to book cab through mobile web installing app.

taxi app sharing ride status

Sharing Ride Status

Passenger can share their live ride status with family of friends.

taxi app multiple language support

Multiple Language Support

Providing multiple language feature for flexibility of passenger.

taxi app passenger insurance

Passenger Insurance

Providing full hospital insurance to passenger in case of accidents.

How Taxi App Work

1 taxi app user sign up

User Sign UP ( With essential Details)

2 taxi app sign in

Sign In ( Email and password)

3 taxi app user search

User search for a ride

4 taxi app admin request

Admin get the request

5 taxi app driver request

Driver gets the request from admin

6 taxi app driver accept

Driver accept the request

7 taxi app user notification

User gets the notification

8 taxi app ride starts

Drive start the ride

9 taxi app successful payment

Successful Payment

10 taxi app successful ride

Successful Ride

A Smart Move For Smarter Return

taxi app white label and customizable

White Label & Customizable

Fully featured white label taxi app solution for your business logo with branding option and custom integration.

taxi app pre built solution

Pre-Built Solution

A ready to use taxi-booking app base for faster deployment in market, saving valuable time and money.

taxi app on premise deployment

On-Premise Deployment

We deploy the solution on your private network so that you can have full control over the important user data.

taxi app global solution

Global Solution

Providing multi-language and multi-currency support so that the taxi-solution can work easily in many countries across the globe.

taxi app accepts payment anywhere

Accepts Payments Anywhere

Easy support of popular payment methods and easy addition of new methods according to company’s need.

taxi app interactive user experience

Interactive User Experience

Creatively designed app and interface to provide amazing experience to user and owner.

taxi app robust and extensible

Robust and Extensible

The base solution app supports up to 60000 rides/day with an option of upgrading this capacity according to company’s need.

taxi app extensive library

Extensive Library

The liberty to use many a libraries with advanced functionalities for your site.

Solution Overview

Interactive taxi booking experience for passengers

taxi app instant bookings

Instant Bookings

Passengers can select type of ride, drop location, know ETA & fare estimate, and book instant cab with few taps.

taxi app easy payments

Easy Payments

Passengers can easily pay for their rides with many options like e-wallet, mobile app payment, net banking or by cash.

taxi app live tracking

Live Tracking

Riders can easily track the live location of driver or cab on map for better flexibility.

taxi app SOS alert

SOS Alert

In app function to alert the concerned authorities in case of emergency or risky situation.

taxi app quick registration

Quick Registration

Driver can easily register by uploading important documents like driving license, vehicle registration papers, etc.

taxi app real time requests

Real Time Requests

Driver gets notified for accepting or declining new ride request.

taxi app ride details

Ride Details

Driver gets complete information about the ride and in-app navigation for pickup and drop location.

taxi app dashboard


Dedicated panel for driver to keep track of their performance and trip history.

taxi app managing driver

Managing Driver

Approving or viewing requests of new driver and adding new drivers manually.

taxi app rider management

Rider Management

Viewing records, details and the feedback provided by users and providing them discount offers.

taxi app payment management

Payment Management

Keeping transaction records with detailed trip history and providing automatic billing settlement to driver.

taxi app analytics


Get useful details, stats and insights of your business so that you can grow and improve it faster.

taxi app managing requests

Managing Requests

Dispatchers can accept requests manually through calls or online bookings to assign the right driver to them quickly.

taxi app tracking trips

Tracking Trips

Controlling all the trips in real time on an map and manage every emergency situation with push alerts.

taxi app creates bookings

Create Bookings

Dispatchers can create new bookings for active users or can add new user to the database, providing them fare estimates and other features.

taxi app review and feedback

Review and Feedback

Managing drivers and passenger activities through feedback and taking action accordingly like issuing suspending driver or blocking the account of any passenger.

Implementation & Launch

A personalized on-demand app for every taxi business from the requirement, deployment to the taxi app launch.

taxi app requirement analysis

Requirement Analysis

Personalized interactions for complete requirement gathering and analysis..

taxi app payments integration

Payments Integration

In-app support for multiple payment methods and gateways with new integration support.

taxi app notification integration

Notifications Integration

SMS alerts, push notification and email updates setup.

taxi app analytics integration

Analytics Integration

Support for managing useful details, insights and stats of business by popular analytic platforms.

taxi app server setup and backup

Server Setup & Backup

On-demand deployment of taxi app solution for full data control.

taxi app security compliance check

Security Compliance Check

Full app and data security to fulfill the condition of HIPAA and other standards.

taxi app store submission

App Store Submission

Successful registration of taxi-app on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

taxi app support and maintenance

Support and Maintenance

Dedicated panel for 24x7 technical support for smooth operations.

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